Guys: Top Tips On How To Hide That “Big Belly”

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Women are not the only one with the big tummy issues, men are also looking for ways to hide their big tummies and look as stylish as ever in their outfits.

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Most men struggle to get rid of their bulging belly, after a particular age men find it impossible to lose the extra fat on the stomach which is why it is necessary to find ways and means to hide the area and look smart by making changes in the clothes.
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Maximizing the potentials of one’s flaws is one of the many perks fashion and being fashionable offers you. Below are few style tricks for men with big bellies.

Prints patterns and colours: Playing with prints patterns and colours are a good way of hiding flaws, with a big belly in mind, dull colours are an ideal go-to staple to camouflage the flaw, dull colours like beige, black, navy blue, etc; in the case where youai??i??re feeling like prints and patterns, pair a your check shirt with plain pants or shorts or pair a plain shirt with print or checkered shorts, this will draw attention away from your midriff.

Mind the fit:A big belly doesn’t mean a bigger shirt, a good fit doesn’t mean a tight shirt; wearing big shirts will only bulk up your physique, thus, the best fit you can wear is a slim fit that’s not too tight.

Tuck in your shirts: Tucking in your shirts cleans up your look and make it look more put together, even though there is a tendency to look a bit bulky, it can be avoided by simply wearing the right fit of your shirt.

No tight: It is one of the biggest mistake belly men do, wearing a tight outfit displays your belly bigger than the else body parts try shirts that are not too loose and too tight, in fact, what makes you comfort and feel fit and never choose tight t-shirts which are extremely tight as they will inevitably show your belly.

Tailor your suits: If you know a good tailor, hold him tight if you do not, get one because tailoring your suits to fit properly is key; plenty of guys buy suits that are way too big, especially self-conscious ones pushing a bit of extra weight don’t hide it under extra fabric, just get your tailor to give you some more room in a problem areas while slimming down everything else.

And when in doubt wearing a statement piece can distract peoplea’s attention from your flaws and also adds a nice touch to your outfit; people will be too busy complimenting your style and totally forget your tummy.


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