How To Choose The Perfect Foundation Color For Your Skin

Foundation shade 3The Foundation is the foremost product to be applied when trying a makeup routine. As simple as it may seem, if not done properly, it could ruin the entire look. For the perfect makeup look, you need to choose the foundation that best suits your colour so your face does not end up looking darker or fairer than the other parts of your body.

Your foundation shouldn’t be far lighter or darker than your skin, so here are ways of finding your perfect match.

Know your skin type: The type of skin you possess is very important when choosing a foundation color. It’s good to know if you have oily or dry skin. For oily skins, its best to go for oil free foundations, while with dry skin, a foundation with moisturizer would do, or you could get a good face moisturizer for use before application.

Jawbone test: The hand test is an age-long test, however it is not trustworthy. The color shade on your hand is usually darker than your face because it is exposed to sun-rays and also not easily exfoliated. The jawbone is a safer place to test your foundation color as it can be easily detected whether or not the foundation would blend.

Go with darker shades: When you are at a cross-road, or in doubt about the exact shade to choose, just stick with a darker shade. This is safer than opting for a lighter shade which could conflict with your skin color in bright light.

Choose a color for both your face and neck: Sometimes, when the wrong foundation has been chosen, trying to blend the face and the neck may seem impossible. This is due to the fact your face and your neck also have varying shades, with one lighter than the other. The secret is to pick a shade that blends well on your face and neck.

very inexpensive brand name valium only. Oil free products: You wouldn’t want your makeup looking all confused and chapped after a good release of sweat from the body. Once the foundation has been affected by water of too much oil, it begins to tell on the products applied to the face, and in the end, the make up is so much less desirable. Instead, go for an oil free foundation type.


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