How To Dress On A First Date

@diiademFirst things first, the kind of date you are going for will be what should determine the outfit and hair style you go for and this is what most people fail to realise but preparing for a first date is not generally dependent on the outfit of choice alone, your hair, accessories, manicure and pedicure etc must also be considered and groomed appropriately.

The first thing to do is to choose your outfit then use your hair as an accessory to complement your overall look and be sure your nail polish isn’t chipped, shave your underarm (if you are going to wear sleeveless or off shoulder pieces), your legs and facial hair. Below are some rules to help you dress well on a first date.

cialis 10 mg daily. Rule 1: Comfortability should be your major priority if you want your first date to go well and as planned, ensure that you are super comfortable with your choice of outfit, footwear and hair do. Be yourself and let that be expressed in your sense of style and outfit of choice, don’t opt for any footwear that you are not perfect at walking in and don’t go for new clothes or hairstyles that you haven’t tested and rocked well prior to this date.

Rule 2: When planning a first date, make sure that it is not at a surprise venue or locations, for one thing, it’s not a great idea to meet someone you haven’t really met before at an unknown location. Find out the name of the venue and do some research, this way you are not only being security conscious, but also, this enables you dress right for the date.

Rule 3: Be conservative, as it is the first date, you don’t want to send off the wrong signal, don’t show too much body parts at a time, don’t reveal too much to ruin the sense of mystery.

Rule 4: A simple rule with first date hair is to turn up with fresh hair. Make sure it smells great and appears freshly washed, this might mean investing in some good quality hair product but they surely make a difference. Natural healthy looking hair will make your date take notice, if it looks sensually touchable, soft and feminine, it will benefit your overall appearance.

Below are some outfits to make you stand out and look beautiful on your first date and also give you a stylish impression from head-to-toe. Be inspired.

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