How To Keep Your Whites WHITE

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We all know keeping white clothes from fading and changing colors can be a bit stressful. There is nothing quite as frustrating as slowly watching your whites turn varying shades of yellow, brown, and gray. Over time, whites tend to take on the colors of items they’ve come into contact with, including other pieces of laundry. Although keeping clothing items clean and vibrant can be difficult, there are ways to keep your whites truly white.

Looking for simple steps you can follow to help keep your white clothes white for a long time?Then you are at the right place.

Below are ways to maintain your white clothes and keep them from fading.

Wash off stains as soon as possible: You shouldn’t second guess this step when it comes to white clothes. As mentioned in 101 ways to remove fabric stains, try to get rid of fabric stains immediately it occurs. Once you have access to detergent and water, soak your white clothes in it for about 15 minutes. Washing off fabric stains as soon as they occur help prevent build-up.

Don’t dry white clothes close to smoke: Smoke ruins white clothes easily. Never dry white clothes in an environment where smoke is emitted.

Avoid over repetition of white clothes without washing: The colour white isn’t like dark colours. Always wash white clothes after one or two wears. Invisible body sweat can turn white clothes perpetually brown after a long period of time.

Know when and where to wear white: Knowing when and where to wear white is the number one often ignored hack to keeping whites white naturally. You just need to know that the colour white unlike other colours should be worn appropriately, for example, it is not advisable to wear white while its rainy.

To keep white clothes white, opt for detergents that contain bleach or bleach alternatives: Detergents can help boost the appearance of white clothes. If you need a bleach alternative, a natural home remedy to use in making white clothes whiter is the use of baking soda. Add a spoonful of baking soda to a small amount of water and make a paste. Place the paste on the stained area of the fabric. Brush stain gently. Allow the mixture to soak into the clothes for 10-15 minutes. After that, run the fabric under water and carry on normal laundry processes. Other home alternatives to baking soda used in making clothes whiter are lemon and vinegar. However, care has to be taken when using vinegar because it is very acidic and too much of it can ruin your clothes.

Never wash white clothes with together with colored clothes: This is a no brainer. If you love your white clothes, please never EVER wash them together with colored clothes. The end may be disastrous. You never can tell which of your colored clothes may give away it’s color in water thereby ruining your white garment.

Avoid the dryer: The heat from the dryer can set stains deeply into fabric. Whenever possible, avoid drying your white clothes, instead hanging them to dry. As an added benefit, your whites will last longer; the extreme heat used in the dryer can cause fabrics to break down and wear through more quickly, which means replacing your favorite white items more often

Dry white clothes under the sun: The Sun is nature’s gift to anyone looking to keep whites white. Surprisingly, the Sun is a natural bleaching agent and can be an indispensable tool in keeping whites white. In addition, the outdoor air may provide a natural method of giving your clothes a fresh, clean smell.

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