How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner Like A Pro

munileblanccColoured eyeliners have become a thing in the makeup world now, gone are those days when people are skeptical about using coloured eyeliners and sticking to black liners only but they are a must-rock this season just because plain makeup can get boring!. Brightly hued eyeliners look so pretty and they flatter the eyes very much irrespective of your eye shape and they are super easy to wear especially if you do not feel like wearing so much makeup. However, most women are scared to try it because they think it might make them look childish.

Well, here are a few tips on how you can rock coloured eyeliner without looking like a clueless teenager.

  • Pick colours that compliment (not match) your eye colour: The contrast between your eye colour and the eyeliner just makes it more beautiful because opposites attract. For example, if you have blue eyes, go for saturated colours like pink, lavender, purple, blue, copper, turquoise and gold. These colours compliment brown eyes.
  • When lining under your lower lashes, keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible. Coloured eyeliners look best when it is right next to your lash line and there is no visible skin showing between the lashes and the liner and if you are keeping the liner in your waterline, be careful not to smudge your lashes with the eyeliner

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  • If you are going to rock coloured eyeliner, then you should know that it is meant to be seen, not overshadowed. So, your eye shadow simple and clean to avoid looking tacky (except that is what you are going for). However, if you are using your eye shadow as liner, you can use the same colour of eye shadow on your lid!
    • If you still don’t feel confident enough to rock coloured eyeliner, you can line your eyes first with a soft black pencil, then trace the coloured liner right on top of the black. The result is a deeper and richer shade that is almost black, not completely black but gives just the right pop of colour. See some look to inspire so boldness.thatigbochick1 generic neurontin, generic dapoxetine. munileblancc beautyboudoir_l.jpg-3 lovelifepearls1.jpg5_1 images (1)                 images
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