How To Wear Same Suit In 5 Different Ways

this-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-980x457-1452854621_980x457 When we all talk about looking fashionable and stylish, one common thing most people lack is a number of clothes in theirAi??wardrobe and being on a budget when it comes to clothes which in turn limits choices of outfits to wear. Everybody want to like their favourite actors but the lack of style knowledge is another reason why they are not able to look as stylish because most people don’t even have an idea or to combine or rerock an outfit like their favourite actor.

Buying too many suits is not what everyone can afford and not really ideal as it is not sensible to spend on suits when you do not have too much money so in normal cases, it is advisable to buy such pieces of clothing which one can use in many different ways or with a dual purpose. That being said, owning a good, unique piece of suit can benefit you as much as owning a lot of clothes provided you have the correct knowledge of how to work around that single unique piece.

Today, The Lagos Stylist have gotten you ways by which you can wear the same suit in 5 different ways:

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    2. The full suit with a shirt and tie to complete your look for formal/business eventsthis-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-500-1-1452854810
    3. this-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-500-2-1452854445Lose the tie, add sneakers and you are ready to rock the next party
    4. Just keep the blazer and add chinos and shirt to make your casual business meetings funthis-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-500-3-1452854496 buy dapoxetine, buy lioresal.
  1. this-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-500-4-1452854842A checkered shirt and a good pair of blue jeans under the blazer will make for a great smart casual look
  2. A round neck t-shirt and any pant that goes with your blazer colour under that epic looking blazer add so much life into it.this-is-how-you-can-wear-the-same-suit-in-5-different-ways-500-5-1452854590

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