How to write a 500 word essay

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500 word essays are a common form of assignment prevalent in colleges. The kind of essay is approximately one and a half pages and consists of three parts. For students, working on such an essay, their opinions range from easy, enjoyable to others, stressing and extremely difficult. However, with masterly of different topics that become subjects to such essays, succeeding in writing a 500 word essay becomes less demanding and easy by incorporating the following parts.

Begin with an outline.

An outline denotes the framework of an essay comprising of various parts and ideas that one will discuss. In creating an outline, take ideas, points, and hints, and add while removing others to ensure the essay’s ideas becomes coherent and precise. An effective outline organization comprises of numbers 1, 2, 3 which represent the main topics, while letters a, b, c represent different subheadings of the essay. For example

Topic: Impact of the computer on education

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduce the topic
  3. State the thesis
  4. The body of the essay
  5. Motivating the students
  6. By making learning exciting
  7. Developing skills
  8. Computer skills
  9. Research skills
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  11. Promoting critical thinking
  12. Expanding their creativity
  13. Conclusion

Introduce your essay.

The introduction paragraph is an essential part of writing a 500 word essay. The paragraph, which appears at the beginning of the essay, consists of about one hundred words. Its primary goal is outlining the subject of the essay to the readers. To achieve this, one should begin by setting its tone by utilizing eye-catching facts, or a captivating and appealing story to capture the attention of the readers. The central aspect of an introduction is developing a thesis statement. A thesis statement, which is the chief point of an essay should appear at the end of this paragraph, enumerate the essence of an essay and gives three supporting points and vital facts. A writer should keep the introduction focused and engaging to attract the full attention of the reader.

Write the body of the essay

The body of an essay is the most important and the most significant section of a 500 word essay. In such an essay, it comprises of three hundred words organized into three paragraphs whose primary aim is to support the thesis statement through supportive points backed by facts and statistics. In this section, each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement while evoking the emotions and feelings of the readers. Then, provide original information facts, data, reliable references organized effectively and examples to enumerate the significance of the point and give the essay validity. Also, offer your opinion on the issue under discussion as it is essential. Conclude each paragraph with a concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph’s point.

Conclude the essay

The conclusion is the last section of an essay. In a 500 word essay, it comprises of one hundred words just as the introduction, which gives a critical insight to the subject under investigation. The part summarizes all the points discussed in the essay by restating them using different words, and also reiterating the thesis statement. A conclusion is vital in writing a 500 word essay to convince the readers that the topic discussed is worthy. One should ensure no new points come up in conclusion.

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