Secrets from EssayBasics Writers: How to Write a Good Essay

Do you want to write a good essay? The very first step is to choose a topic wisely. There are different structures and types of essays you need to have an idea of. Once the topic has been selected, you must familiarize yourself with the kind of essay you are going to write. Some essays are the compare and contrast, some are narrative essays, and the others are persuasive or simple essays.

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Create an outline

Once you have decided what type of essay you want to write, the next step is to create an outline based on the issue you are looking to discuss or the topic that has been assigned to you. In the outline, you need to mention all critical points. It would be great to write all the headings that you want to cover in your essay.

Begin writing

After creating an outline, the next step is to start writing. The introduction should have your thesis statement, and the essay should be divided into three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. None of these parts can be skipped as it will significantly lower the quality of your essay. Ideally, the essay should be divided into the headings and subheadings, which you might have already mentioned in the outline.

Use quotes in a significant number

To support your arguments and to give the essay a professional look, you should always use the quotes. The essay should not have personal opinions or ideas only. Instead, you should support your arguments using quotes and examples. Let the reader know what others have to say about the issue you are covering in your essay. If you do not use quotes, your essay will look generic and may not be able to impress the reader or your teacher.

Practice writing and researching

Writing and researching are two important parts of a student’s life. You can never be assured of success if you do not practice writing or have no idea of how to research. It is one of the major aspects that guarantee your success in the academic career. You should not only be familiar with how to research and find the relevant content but also need to know how to write quickly and maintain the quality. These targets can be achieved only when you practice researching and writing on a daily basis. Assign a topic to yourself, look for relevant content and write it by the end of the day.

Edit and proofread before submitting

If you are to submit the paper to your teacher, you should edit and proofread it to get rid of all spelling or grammatical errors. If you do not edit it or pay no attention to proofreading, you may end up getting poor marks. Even when the essay has to be published on your website, it needs to be proofread and edited so that all errors can be fixed as soon as possible.

Last but not the least, you should insert relevant references. Cite the paper wherever needed, and do not forget to give the credit back to the authors who have taken inspiration from. Ideally, you can use quotes from books or journals and always insert citation to avoid any issues of plagiarism or copied content. Congratulations, the essay is ready, and you can now submit it to the teacher or publish it on your private blog.

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