Top Irresistible Personality Traits Of Classy Women

Traditionally, a classy woman means to be stylish, superior and elegant, respectable and lovely but being classy has nothing to do with luxuries and fancy clothes and jewelry. On the contrary, a classy woman has everything to flaunt but choose not to show it.

Class comes from personality and the essence of every woman, it isn’t about what you have on, what brands you wear or whether you know all the hottest fashion and makeup tips.

In today’s world, people often forget to build themselves with confidence and perseverance. Below are the most authentic personality traits of a classy woman that have nothing to do with luxuries, because let’s face it – you can’t buy class you have to earn it.

Character: A woman who has class is respectful and kind with others, these women want respect and they respect the others. They understand very well that the way they ask for things is reflected in how they receive. A classy woman always shines with great confidence and modesty before everything else. She knows what she possesses but she doesn’t show off, these ladies manage to stay unique and classy. They always stand out in a room full of people without even trying.

Smile: Women with class know the importance of a smile, you’ll never see them with a furrowed brow. Every time they go out, they offer smiles to those they meet.

She style with elegance: Her wardrobe is Simple, balanced and classy but always stunning. A classy lady is never under-dressed or over-dressed but always dressed appropriately. She keeps up with the latest trends and styles without being flashy, a classy woman will always be comfortable but also look radiant.

Their smell: The aromas they choose always go with their style. The more romantic will tend to opt for more flowery and sweet perfumes, while more adventurous women will probably go for citrus-scented perfumes. Women with class have a favorite perfume which all of those around her can distinguish, making her aroma her distinctive trademark.

She is well groomed: This lady is always tidy, groomed and smells awesome. Not only herself, but she also keeps her surroundings clean and tidy as well. This lady wants to have everything organized so that she can find anything at any given time.

A classy woman is well read, intelligent and ambitious: She is always looking to learn something new, she likes books, and reading. She is ambitious and she has many goals that she aims to achieve, no excuses accepted. Knowing her strengths and weaknesses, she fiercely heads towards the aim

She is independent: This lady is not only classy but she is bold, fierce and independent too. She uses her time wisely and she usually relies only on herself and not anyone else. This lady owns true leadership features and she knows how to be a ‘boss lady’.

The way in which they view their lives: They never give up on themselves. While they know that they must help others, they never neglect to take care of their own wants and needs. For them, living life is about enjoying every day as if it were their last. They are adventurous and appreciate the small details.

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