Ladies: 4 Beauty Products You Must ALWAYS Have In Your Bag Even If You Hate Makeup

Image result for Beauty Products That Are A Must In Your Bag Even If You Hate MakeupIf we want to be truthful with ourselves, we will admit that makeup is a boon for some and a bane for others. While we have all applied makeup at some point in our lives, a few people cannot deal with having to doll up on a daily basis. From concealers to blushes to contouring, some of these terms and what they actually stand for is something that most people will never really be able to comprehend. However, another fact is that sometimes, some beauty products do come in handy. And, even if you hate to do up your hair and face every day, there are some products that should always find some place in your handbag.

Here are some beauty products every lady should always have in her bag

Lip balm: Dry, chapped lips are a harsh reality that every person faces. And, with the heat and strong winds, it is even worse. A lip balm with a slight SPF is perfect for the dry weather. And, you can even go in for a tinted lip balm, which will not only protect your lips, but also add colour to them.

Oil absorbing sheets: An oily face is sure to leave a bad impression and it is also very irritating. Therefore, if you feel that a rose water spray bottle is too cumbersome to carry lest it opens or leaks, you can even try out the oil absorbing sheets/wet wipes that are easily available in the market. Just a swab from these sheets is sure to leave you feeling fresh all over again. You should definitely have these in your bag.

Perfume: Body odour is a strict no. Apart from being a huge turnoff, it can also cause infections and make you fall sick. Therefore, to avoid this, always keep a bottle of perfume handy in your bag. Therefore, whenever you feel that you smell foul, just put some on and feel fresh again.

Comb or brush: Even the strictest of the ‘no care in the world’ kind of girl, will swear by this product. It is an absolute must in your bag and it should find a place, however small your bag might be. If you have curly hair or even straight hair, you would want your hair to look perfect and in place. So, to keep a check on your hair and if you do not wish them to look like a nest, then do keep a comb handy with you, always.

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