Little Tips Every Woman Should Know

As women we love beauty tips and we are always on the lookout for get-gorgeous tricks that will up our slay game.

Below are some of the best beauty tricks every woman must know.

Use green tea for beauty: Besides being a miraculous detox drink, green tea can be miraculous for your skin too. When placed over closed eyes, the cooled tea bags can act wonders in getting rid of those bag eyes of yours.

Sweet almond oil to remove lipstick: A long lasting lipstick is a bliss for a long working day, but the simple idea of removing it, hassles us just drizzling some sweet almond oil over a cotton ball and dabbing it over your lips. Super cheap and easy, this tip is a win-win for sure.

Vaseline for better eyebrow shaping: Eyebrows can sometimes behave awkwardly. You can tame your unruly eyebrows by just applying s
brush for further shaping and you are done!

Coconut hair massage before washing: Hair is one of the most appealing and at the same time experimented parts of a woman’s body. With all the damages we cause out hair with retouching, different haitstyles, nourishment of your hair becomes of paramount importance. A gentle massage with some coconut oil
ten minutes prior to shampooing can add wonders to your hair. Make your hair enviable and lustrous.


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