Make Statement In Your Kimono Jacket

Image result for nigerian articles on how to style kimonoKimonos started off as a traditional Japanese garment sewn by hand and worn for important festivals or formal occasions but now kimonos have become a style staple all over the world.

Kimono jackets have become a big trend of late for fashionable women, a must-get for every definite wardrobe. They are perfect for warmer weather because they’re light and airy but still cover you up if you’re chilly or you just want something on your shoulders. They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns and can be worn with absolutely everything. Kimono jackets are one of the best piece of clothing you can use in showcasing your style this season, whether you are dressing casually or professionally.

Bear in mind that some kimono are basic but styling them appropriately is what makes it fashionable! The kimono style can be a difficult one to pull off, because you can wear it and look like you just threw on a bathrobe or just got out of bed. It is really a tricky one, seeing a kimono jacket for the first time would have you wondering  how to wear it.

The beauty about fashion these days is that you can use anything to make anything. It all depends on your creativity. So here are few tricks on how to rock your kimono jacket in stunning ways.

How to Style your Kimono Jackets
. Wear with your printed Kimono with an office dress, instead of usual blazers.
. If you dress has full or swingy skirt, try belting it on the waist to give you a more defined shape
. For a fun and casual outfit, throw a kimono jacket on a graphic tee shirt and jeans.
. Go for a plain tight-fitted dress, if your kimono has prints on it.
. For coloured kimono jackets, pair up with a white or black outfit.
. You can wear your beachwear or swimsuits with a kimono jacket, if you are chilly on the beach.
. Consider the length and choose the one that works best for you. Long kimonos are also perfect with leggings.
. Mix your kimono with different patterns.

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