Men’s Fashion: 17 Style Rules You Should Live By To Stand Out As A Man

Fashion is often misunderstood, most people think it is just dressing up in whatever you can lay your hands on, but fashion is much bigger than that. Fashion is looking great, and it is usually complemented by style. Being stylish takes meticulousness; you have to pay attention to every detail, and make sure your fashion sense is speaking the right language.

Today, we will be talking about 17 style rules every guy must live by and apply to stand out as a man. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’d have picked up something to help your style and fashion sense.

Never be seen wearing a boxer or vest out of your bedroom, they are called under wear.

Your belt should match your shoes.

If you are wearing a black suit, wear black shoes.

If you are wearing gray, blue, tan or a combination thereof, please use brown shoes.

Get a haircut regularly. Don’t wait until everyone around you knows you need one.

Never go out without a wristwatch because it adds some sophistication to your outfit.

If you want a thinner and smart look, go for vertical-striped shirts.

You should have at least three pieces of suits in your wardrobe.

Your tie should cover your collar button down to your top trouser button. Anything longer or shorter makes you look awkward.

Have at least one pair of dress shoes.

If you want to use a tie, use it properly. Avoid wearing a tie with an untucked shirt or wearing a tucked shirt with a slightly loosened tie.

Never match blazers with dress trousers.

Do not leave your house with wrinkled clothes. That is not how a proper fashionista should do.

Match your belt to your belt loops. Don’t wear a thin dress belt with trousers that have big belt loops.

Have lots of white shirts because white shirts make you look like a boss.

Wear simple t-shirts without a photo or write-up on it. They make you look simple but sophisticated.

Your trousers are too short if you can see your socks as you walk. Your trousers should end just at the top of your shoes.

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