Men’s Fashion: 5 Tips To Wearing Cufflinks

buy neurontin, buy dapoxetine. black 200mg viagra pills codeine syrup for sale. . Cufflinks are an important part of mens fashion, and have long been part of mens fashion since the 16th century. They were first adopted by the French in the early 16th century and have now evolved to be an important fashion accessory for men.

Cufflinks are suitable for formal events, weddings, dinner and even social events.

These are some important tips you should know about cufflinks.

1. Cufflinks meant for social events should be kept simple; its beauty is in its simplicity. They are meant to add a sense of style and formality to your dress style.

2. A French cuff shirt must be worn with cufflinks, and it would add class and formality to your looks.

3. There are two styles of cuffs for shirts.

The kiss style cuffing: the two sides of the cuffs tend to be pinched together, making it look like the ends are Kissing.

Barrel style cuffing: the two ends meet and form a barrel shape.

4. The colour of your cufflinks should complement your whole fashion ensemble; that is, the colour of your shirt, shoe, trousers and tie.

5. If you must wear cufflinks with other accessories, they must match with each other.

Cufflinks add that extra bit of class to your shirts, and are an essential accessory as far as mens fashion is concerned.


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