Men’s Fashion: 6 Tips To Buying Dress Shoes

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Shoes are a very important part of men’s fashion; the quality of your shoe can add that extra glamour and class to your looks. Dress shoes are an important part of formal wears and wearing good shoes can boost not only your looks but your confidence as well. Buying the best pair of shoes that looks elegant and at the same suitable for feet is not an easy task.

Below are tips that can serve as an important guide to buying good dress shoes that would bring out the fashionable man in you. Below are important tips to know when buying your dress shoes.

QUALITY: Go for quality leather shoes, and have it in mind that the better the quality of the leather, the longer it would last. Your shoes should be made of real leather and the sole should also be quality. Well made shoes are stitched to the shoe, not glued.

THE COLOUR: Black and brown are the two basic colours for dress shoes, and if it’s your first dress shoe, you should go for a black colour. Black dress shoes are a must for every fashionable man.

COMPLIMENT YOUR SUITS / FORMAL WEARS: Shoes are meant to compliment what you wear. Buy shoes that compliment the outfits you have. If you wear slim fit wears then do not go for shoes that seem bulky and do not buy thin shoes if your clothes are a bit bulky. Dress shoes are a must for every man, and how you wear your dress shoes matter a lot.

LACE OR SLIP ON?: For dress shoes, lace shoes still remain classier than slip on shoes.

THE HEELS: Dress shoes with very high heels aren’t really fashionable for men. Go for heels that are not higher than 1.2 inches.

THE TOE SHAPE: The toe shape of your shoe shouldn’t be too extreme; that is, it shouldn’t be too pointed, too round or too square.

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