Men’s Fashion: Basic Sock Rules Every Guy Needs To Follow

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Socks are a vastly understated piece of every man’s wardrobe. Attention to detail is what really turns heads. Most men don’t pay attention to their socks and how they wear it which is wrong, a well-dressed man is dressed from the head down to his socks. Socks has been seen to be the least clothing accessory in a man’s
wardrobe but a man that wants to be highly fashionable should pay attention to every little details even the fashion side of socks as well.

If you notice the lowest number of clothing accessory almost every man has is socks. Shoes, shirts, belts, trousers and the rest of it has a higher number when compared to the less purchased socks.
Most men don’t know that socks are a huge part of a man’s fashion; bad socks can render your fashion useless. Here are basic sock rules every guy needs to follow

NEVER WEAR TORN SOCKS: For any reason you get to pull off your shoes, it would be embarrassing if you are wearing a torn sock. You may feel that you probably won’t have to pull off your shoes but anything can happen and wearing good socks would boost your confidence. With good socks matched with quality dressing, you just have that reassurance that you are okay and that’s confidence at work.

YOUR SOCKS SHOULD MATCH YOUR TROUSERS: This is one rule every man must follow when it comes to wearing socks. A pair of socks that’s differently coloured from your trouser would make you look annoyingly weird. Wear all the designer labels you can in the world, if you disobey this rule you would just look like an expensive jerk.

SOCKS FORMATION: Most men aren’t aware of this as they wear different kinds of socks with any attire; this is fashion suicide. Athletic socks should go with athletic shoes, cotton striped and patterned socks can go with casual sneakers and casual leather shoes. Wearing socks with any kind of wear isn’t fashionable and is a blunder fashion-wise.

up your fashion game by wearing socks that fits with your outfit; You can match certain accessories up with your socks and still look great but you
ought to be careful here. This rule is quite technical and doing it wrongly can make you look like an expensive jerk.

ANKLE-LENGTH SOCKS ARE THE MOST SUITABLE: There are three common lengths of men socks; low-cut sport, ankle-length and knee-length socks but the most fashionable of the three is the ankle-length socks. The
low-cut socks can be awkward sometimes and the knee-length can as well look too sporty and unnecessary long on some occasions but the ankle-length socks is always fashionable for every occasion.

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