Men’s Fashion: Gorgeous Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Groom

A wedding day is probably the most important and special event in every person’s life. A big part of the wedding ceremony is the attire the bride and the groom choose for themselves. Many couples decide to pay homage to their roots, which is why ethnic wedding outfits are so popular in Nigeria right now.

When people talk of marriage, most usually imagine beautiful brides in their stunning wedding gowns and headdresses with only little considering the looks on the groom’s side. A groom’s attire can be just as gorgeous as his bride’s which is why we would be discussing and showcasing some Igbo traditional wedding attire for groom.

In Nigeria, wedding ceremonies are incredible and breathtaking. Each ethnic group has their own traditions that are spectacular in their own way.

The igbo traditional wedding outfit is very unique, distinct and recognizable. It  is probably a big highlight for the groom on his wedding day. One thing is certain-the igbo man’s outfit on his wedding day is clearly different from what men from other parts of the country wear on their wedding day. Let’s forget about the agbadas and filas for now and Say hello to the Isiagus, the red caps and much more.

Depending on the part of Igbo the wearer is from, there are little variations in the grooms traditional attire; variations are apparently in the types of shirts and in the choice of bottoms. Below are some Igbo traditional attires for groom.

Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire for Groom4

Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire for Groom1igbo grooms men with isiagu in the snow

groom squadwedding attire for groomIgbo Traditional Wedding Attire for Groom2Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire for Groom6happy igbo menRelated image Image result for igbo traditional wedding attire for groom

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