Men’s Fashion: Handy Tips For Buying A Perfect & Classy Wallet

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These days, wallets are now part and parcel of every classy man, that is why you would never see a man in suit without his wallet. Wallet brings class and organisation and can easily be called a man’s mobile bank as it can contain your cash and cards easily.

But as a classy and stylish man, it does not just end by buying a wallet; it is important you buy a quality wallet that would suit you and there are certain things every man with class should consider when buying a wallet.

Below are tips to consider when buying a wallet:

THE FABRIC: The fabric of a wallet is highly important as it determines the quality of the wallet. Wallets are commonly made of leather —thin leather and thick leather are the types of leather used, and durability is the first thing that you should consider when buying your wallet. Your wallet should be able to protect all your belongings in it. Buying a wallet that’s water proof would also be helpful as to protect your things in case of rain.

TRI-FOLDS AND BI-FOLD WALLETS: These are the two common types of wallet and they both have their advantages as well as disadvantages; you have to choose the one that best suits you. If you have many things to carry, tri-folds is your kind of wallet, they are usually bigger and have much space though they can really be bulky. Bi-folds on the other hand are smaller but more comfortable as they can easily be slotted into your pocket.

COMPARTMENTS: Wallet compartments are designed for various users; some wallets have few compartments while some have much more. If you are the type that have little things to carry about with you the one with few compartments would be okay; however, if you have many things to carry about especially your credit cards and identity cards then the wallet with many compartments should be your preferred choice.

COLOUR: The two basic colours for wallets are black and brown, though there are some other colours like dark blue, grey, gold etc. Choosing the colour of your wallet should be an easy and personal decision though if you have more than one wallet mixing things up won’t be a bad idea.

COMFORT AND STYLE: Your wallets should be quite comfortable to use and should fit in well into your pockets and there would be extra points if your wallets depict that you are a man of style. Comfort is very important when choosing a wallet.

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