Men’s Fashion: How To Stay Fashionable On A Low Budget

We always want to look trendy but at times our budget and sense of style do not add up. We’re big fans of luxury. The fit and finish of something quality is well worth their expensive price tag. But, if you’re one of those guys who’s wearing (or eating) his paycheck week to week, it’s time to start learning how to look cool without spending too much money. Looking stylish is not reserved for people with six-figure salaries. You don’t have to buy the season’s latest from the top-name designers to look good. As a man you should be making fashion decisions that are driven by both style and practicality.

The process of looking stylish and seasonal doesn’t have to rack up expenses, as long as you know what pieces to select and when and where to get them. Just so you can save up some cash and still look striking when you step out, we’ve come up with few tips for looking like a fashionista with little.

Define your style: Discovering your style is a ‘light bulb’ moment for every guy, most especially your wardrobe. It doesn’t just depend on your personal taste in fabric, but also a combination of your professional necessity.
Find a way to incorporate your personal style to align with your your day-to-day activities and this would really help to decide what type of clothes you stock your wardrobe with.

Invest in statement pieces: Invest in statement pieces not trendy pieces, remember those fashion items you use to go crazy for when dropped, now think today. are those items still relevant? Capital NO. Chances are the trends are old and passed away. so why spend the big money on something that will be useless after a period of time rather than useful for a longer period.

Invest more in wardrobe essentials/staples: Wardrobe essentials like classic white sneakers, statement loafers, signature baseball cap. This tip may not be for everyone cause we are all guilty of indulging in the trending activities and if you must shop trendy, then shop trendy on sales!

Shop On Sales: This is one of the best ways to stay stylish on a budget, in-fact it is a very good hack. Some many stores have items on sale, be it trendy or not and that could be your opportunity to grab that item you have been craving for a long time.Another addition is to do your research before buying items. if shop A sells this trendy piece at this price chances are you could get the same kind of item at SHOP B at a lesser price, you just have to do your own research and compare the price.

Don’t give it out for free, Swap or Sell it: When next a friend asks you to give them one of your stylish pieces, don’t just wave them off, rather offer to sell it to them or counter ask them for one of their own pieces you are interested in.

Get creative with combinations: The best way to keep your outfits fresh is to swap out small pieces or parts. This is why you want staples, and why you should build up a generous collection of accessories that can add flair and a sense of change to your outfits. Changing your blazer to a cardigan and your office shoes to some sneakers can take an outfit from work-friendly to weekend-outing. Think of outfits as entire combinations, and each item you swap in or out can make a new look.

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