Men’s Fashion: Outdated Style Rules Every Man Should Ignore

printed socks- outdated fashion Rules

Style “rules” exist for a reason. They inform and guide the current generation using techniques and styles that have worked well in the past. The days of style “rules” are dwindling, as men’s fashion continues to break out of its conservative past, we can throw a lot of these once-restrictions out the window. We all have grown up hearing some basic style rules which we try following till date but it’s high time you should ignore them and follow the new fashion trends. Many people judge men on the basis of these outdated fashion rules but it’s nothing you should get bothered about. Only thing you should keep in mind is that these rules are baseless now. You should just ditch outdated fashion rules because with few change you can easily flaunt these style.

This is all well and good, but styles and societal priorities change. Things that worked in the past might not always work today, as business dress was a lot more conservative back then.

Here are seven style rules that have generally been accepted over time, but that no longer make all that much sense.

Always match your belt with your shoes: Matching your accessories is no longer a prerequisite for good style. Your shoes and belt don’t have to match so long as they coordinate with each other and with the rest of your outfit.

Always wear socks with trousers: The necessity of socks is greatly exaggerated. Socks are no longer required unless you’re actually dressing up. Just make sure you have something on your feet. Socks have absolutely nothing to do with your pants so why make any compulsions. Imagine wearing pants, loafers and crew length socks

Always wear a belt if your trousers have belt loops: Belts serve a useful purpose but if your dress pants fit properly, there is no reason you should need one. Belts are now a choice. If your pants fit properly, they aren’t going to fall down without a belt.

Don’t mix patterns: Most people shy away from mixing patterns not only because traditional rules prohibit it, but because doing it well takes some thought. But if you’re up for bringing a modern edge to your wardrobe, pattern mixing is a great technique to try. Start by choosing items in the same color family to make sure that your choices look harmonious. When mixing patterns, moderation is also key: Wearing a different pattern on your shirt, tie, blazer, and pants is a definite don’t.

Match your trousers to your socks: Plain socks are just plain boring. Add some personality and fun into your style. Plus, women notice these kinds of details as it says to her you’re original, stylish and confident!

Stick To Navy And Black Suits: Gone are those days were navy blue and black suits ruled the fashion world. Nowadays variety of colours has taken over which looks stunning on all occasions. Yes it is true that navy and black are classic colours and no other colour can beat its look but the fact that other colours also hold the capability to enhance your look is also true. You can try out grey, brown, burgundy or green suits to rock your formal look.

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