Men’s Fashion: Quick Fashion Tips To Upgrade Your Style

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We know that a well-dressed man has a lot of advantages in life and career but it’s common knowledge that most men don’t know how to dress well and don’t want to spend time working out what they should wear either. But the good news is that you can easily improve your dress sense if you follow the tips listed below.

Find the items that fit the most: The most important thing is fit. Make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly. Most guys wear clothes which are too large for them. You will look quite ridiculous such like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes. But of course don’t wear something which is too tight. Not to mention the discomfort brought by tight outfits, they might make you feel uncomfortable and look less masculine. Just find items that almost hug your body.

Forget the trend and build your style first: Following trends have two big problems. Firstly, the fashion world changes very fast, therefore, it will cost you a fortune if you want to own every latest clothes. Following latest trend also means that you have to replace your clothes whenever trends shift. Secondly, not all trends are good nor they are suitable for you. Nothing can suit every people. Developing your own style is very important, when you have figured out what you want to portray, you can select the trends which works with that image instead of trying every trend.

Experiment with style: Building your own style at first doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it forever. The only way to find out if you can look better is trying new things. Sometimes, put on something completely out of your safe zone and you may love thing that you thought you would never do. But if you fail, just forget and move on.

Keep it simple: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, some people think they will look good in latest fashion items so they invest on fancy, expensive clothes and end up with a mish and mash appearance. Less is more. Remember that you are a man, being extravagant is not only unnecessary but also awkward. Never wear more than 3 pieces of jewelries. Always have basic items in your wardrobe such as white/grey/light blue shirts and T-shirt, jeans, a suit, basic shoes or sneakers.

Don’t go shopping alone: Men tend to believe in what shop assistants say but be conscious, those people work for commission, they may not give you the right advice, they just try to convince you buying their products. Find a mentor, who can be your friend or even your parents as long as they can give you honest comments.

Accept that it will take a while: Many men don’t want to spend time thinking about what to wear but style isn’t something that can be built in one day. It can be a long journey to find out what you look best in, be patient and enjoy that journey. Don’t expect to be a good-dresser in a couple of months.

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