Natural Ways To Keep Your Coloured Clothes Brighter

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After constant wearing and never-ending washing, your favorite clothes will fade to a dulled out version of the bright hue it once proudly flaunted, it’s an inevitable cycle that is bound to happen. It goes without saying that clothes look their best when the colors are crisp and new. It is everyone’s wish to maintain their color. After a few tossing and drying of your brightly colored clothes, they tend to fade.

How do you keep your other colors from succumbing to the same shabby fate? Try these four natural methods to keep your colors as vibrant as your personality.

Vinegar: Add one cup of white vinegar to your water while washing. Vinegar helps “set” colors and prevents build-up of detergent residue, which contributes to color fading. Plus, it’s a natural clothing softener. The vinegar won’t leave your clothes smelling like salad dressing—it should evaporate during the rinse cycle. If any of that potent smell does linger, let the clothes air dry outside.

Black pepper: Spice up the colors in your laundry by shaking a few teaspoons of black pepper into each load. Don’t worry about flakes of pepper dotting your clothes. The pepper will wash out during the rinse cycle.

Salt: It’s like cooking—for clothes. Pour ½ cup of salt while washing to prevent the dyes in colored fabrics from bleeding. This method works especially well on new clothes. Salt can also help restore the once-vivid colors in fading fabrics.

Baking soda: This handy dandy cleaner helps brighten whites AND colors. (There’s no end to this pantry staple’s amazing uses.) Add ½ cup of baking soda to the wash cycle and watch your vibrant colors stay that way.

Sort by color: Anyone who has ever accidentally washed a red sock with the whites, knows the importance of this step. Washing like colors together not only prevents unwanted pink underwear, but it also keeps colors from fading.

Turn clothes inside out: Prevent colorful clothes from turning drab by flipping them inside out before tossing them in the wash. Doing this will add one more step to the laundry routine, but it will make your colored clothes more vivid in the long run.

Use cold water: Using cold water is better for your clothes and the environment.

Line dry: Heat can quickly zap the color from your clothes. Line dry clothes whenever possible. Be sure to keep bright and dark colors out of the sun.

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