Pregnant & Stylish: Chic Ama Maternity Style Is Everything

Image resultBeing pregnant is such a beautiful thing, the idea of being able to carry a life inside you is what many women dream of but pregnancy is not an excuse to drown your fashion sense. When a woman is pregnant, although she becomes big in size there is this glow that comes along but if you are dressed shabbily this glow would all but disappear.

Fashion blogger Chichi Ama popularly reffered to as Chic Ama is a total babe. Her pregnancy style is #Goals and when it seems like she might not come up with better styles she surprises us every time.

While everything Chic Ama is rocking seems completely fabulous and uncomfortable for those of us with a keen eyes for fashion, we would quickly point out the flexibility of each of these fabrics. This means pregnant women can pull off any of these styles thanks to ease of comfort.

Scroll through to keep up with chic Am maternity style, it doesn’t mean you have to follow her styles; this is just a style inspiration ideas:

NB: It is not advisable for pregnant women to wear heels and if you must wear heels; look for the lowest heel to wear.

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