Quick Work/School Makeup Tutorial

Makeup has so far become one thing every woman want to learn as these days, we have the number of makeup artists on an increase but the main question is how long would you want to keep running to a makeup artist when you can be one yourself especially with simple daytime makeup.

Smart women have to be smart about everything they do; the way they dress has to be debonair, there’s no excuse for looking scruffy. A smart woman understand that she’s going places, fast! and so she doesn’t allow laziness or an overdone makeup ruin her chances.

You see, if your face is over baked it can be a form of distraction from your awe-inspiring professionalism, your colleagues and superiors may see you as the lady with the baked face and it might be side-track their attention. Therefore its best to stick to the fuss-free work makeup; for makeup you should go for something soft and dewy, it should look very natural, blending in with your face- hairline included.

Today, we will be sharing a polished office appropriate makeup tutorial video for you to watch:

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