Shea Butter Packaging: Product Image & Styling Leads To Better Sales

Even though shea butter has been said to be useful in several ways, a good majority of us shy away and don’t purchase locally made products mostly because of poor packaging and at times unpleasant scents.

All manufacturers must know one thing! Product Image is key to product sales prior to publicity or advertisement investments. Now speaking to manufacturers of some beauty products, your product image attracts your target market be it high end or the mass market…those are the key customers that will buy your product indirectly indicating how much sales you make. Have you seen some lipsticks in the market that even though they are well packaged, the colour of the lipstick is not indicated on the first level packaging unless you open and spin the lipstick up! Oh dear!!!

Today, The Lagos Stylist will be showing you some packaging samples using Shea butter manufacturers as an example.

Capture One way to consider is by investing in customised packaging bottles. With this you can design your own and introduce your product including the advantages of using your Shea butter on the bottle.

Or lush bars that can be wrapped in colourful customised wrapping papersCapture acquire depakote, acquire clomid order phenerganno prescription mexico. . Capture ordering short of prednizone. Or whipped shea butter cream in a customised stylish shea-pea shaped container

Or glass containers for that high end look and feel.IMG-20170529-WA0004

You can also use containers for the mass market but do make sure, that the container material composition do not contain a hazardous materials that can possibly destroy the natural content of your product.

On a styling note, do consult @thelagosstylist for companies that manufacture containers as well as advise you on product image and styling!

Get the best look and feel! You can be sure to achieve your main goal and attract customers…

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