Simple Guide To Wearing Red

The colour red is a bold and feisty colour. When worn, red clothing tends to draw attention and make the wearer appear more attractive but you truly can never go wrong with red.

If you think you can’t wear red, that is wrong. Everyone gets their own shade of red based on individual colouring. It’s just a matter of finding your ideal red based on your skin colouring.

A statement is made when wearing this colour, as it is such a bold and bright colour and it is known as the colour of beauty. Red is used to represent status and power. This colour can be worn on its own or with neutral colours but if worn with another bold colour can cause a clash, thus having a disastrous effect.

if you love red and don’t want to be a walking cliche, there is always a certain classy way to go about it. From shoes, to jewellery, to dress accessories, red can work wonders for you if done right. If you need inspiration on how to pair the red pieces in your wardrobe The Lagos Stylist have curated some of our favourite looks from Instagram for your pleasure. Be inspired.

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