Stay gorgeous! Top Rainy Season Hair Care Tip Every Lady Needs

generic neurontin, generic dapoxetine. As every lady knows, hair and rain are a no-no and with the rains going in full swing soon, every day almost seems like a bad hair day waiting to happen. Asides the season-long struggle to keep our locks dry and bouncy, there’s also the eternal debate of what hairstyle would be most convenient and easiest to maintain in these hair-turous times.

Here are a few hair care tips for every lady.

What hairstyle to wear…

Braids all the way! When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat braids. You just take out your hair net, run your fingers through and you’re good to go. This makes it every lady number one recommended hairstyle for rainy season. Bangs and short hair also very highly recommended as they make for good protective hairstyles while bangs also happen to be very in right now.

What to do when your hair gets beaten by the rain:

  • Dry your hair with a dryer preferably so that the heat can get to all parts of the scalp. Do not just dry the hair with natural air or a blow drier
  • After your hair is dry, oil your scalp with a moisturizing cream so as to check excessive dryness that would have occurred as a result of being under the dryer
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  • In the case of short hair or bangs, ensure that you oil only the scalp and not the hair itself. Avoid oiling the hair directly because excess oil on weaves makes it lose its bounce.So there you have it ladies, your tips to fabulous hair – rain or no rain. 
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