Stunning Traditional Wedding Attire For Yoruba Brides

Aso Oke styles for wedding

As we know Traditional weddings or traditional engagement ceremonies as interchangeably called (depending on the tribe or region of the country) is a huge deal. As marriage rites differ from state to state, so does attire.

For the Yoruba’s in South Western Nigeria, the brides come correct with Așǫ oke to turn heads and slay to the fullest. Așǫ oke fabric is an in depth part of Yoruba culture and brides have found a way to make aso oke more sophisticated for traditional weddings, lace and sample materials have also become a major wear for Yoruba traditional weddings. Yoruba traditional weddings are always a sight to behold, from the expectant smiles of the young men about to become husbands to the gleefully perfect faces of their brides.

This collection featured the latest styles of the year to help you create something nice and unique for yourself.

Yoruba traditional attire
Pink beaded aso Oke styles
Image result for bam bam traditional wedding outfits
Yoruba bride styles 2019
Image result for bam bam traditional wedding outfits
Latest aso Oke design 2019
Aso Oke with beads
Beaded lace for wedding
Styles for Pink lace with beads
Ash color for traditional wedding

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