Sure-Fire Ways To Get Rid Of That Belly Fat (Pot Belly)

Here Are 5 Sure Ways To Reduce Your Pot Belly

As we all know, being confident and comfortable about your body will boost your self-esteem and the way you see yourself. And, having extra fat in your stomach, a situation that’s commonly referred to as a “pot belly” can sometimes kill your confidence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A protruding tummy is fast becoming a problem for the ladies as
much as it is for the menfolk. Nobody likes the sight of a man or woman looking like he/she has a baby bump, it’s not only bad for the look of your jeans; it’s a potential health problem.

Are you looking for solutions to reduce your pot belly so that you’ll look smarter in your clothes? Don’t worry, you are not alone…Here are some sure ways to deal with that stubborn belly fat.

INCORPORATE BOTH AEROBIC AND ANAEROBIC EXERCISES IN YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE: Aerobic include exercises that use a lot of oxygen and large muscles over a period of time. They include cardio machines, spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, aerobics classes, dancing, and kickboxing etc while anaerobic are exercises that do not use oxygen to generate energy. Examples of anaerobic exercise include weight lifting, sprinting, and jumping; any exercise that consists of short exertion, high-intensity movement, is an anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises can become anaerobic exercises if performed at a level of intensity that is too high.The former helps you burn fat and the latter helps you build muscles, which then helps to burn fat. Sweating during exercising is very good, it will help you burn calories and fat. So start doing anaerobic and aerobic exercises to get rid of a pot belly.

CONSUME MORE FIBRE: Any plant-based food which your body can’t digest is fiber. These include vegetables, corn, oats, beans etc. Since most fiber cannot be digested it stays in our stomach longer than other substances and makes us feel full sooner. Though most of it may not contain essential nutrients, fiber helps in reducing the chances of many diseases and is highly effective for weight loss.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND OTHER HEALTHY FLUIDS: Drinking a lot of water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice can help you burn fat faster. Water helps boost your metabolism and cleanses your body of waste. It also suppresses your appetite, so you feel full. Also, drinking more water helps your body to stop retaining water, this helps to drop extra pounds of water weight.

REDUCE YOUR INTAKE OF BEER AND STOP SMOKING (IF YOU’RE A SMOKER): A lot of men love to drink a lot, while this is not a bad thing, “too much of everything is not good”. Taking too much beer causes pot belly not to mention the damage that it does to your health. So, cut down your usual intake of beer, stop smoking (if you are a smoker) because it will help you shed those extra pounds in your stomach.

WORK ON YOUR STOMACH MUSCLES: Another solution to reducing pot belly is by keeping yourself in a good posture at all times. This will reduce the appearance of a pot belly. Always keep your stomach muscles tucked in throughout the day, you can also get a waist trainer to help you tuck it in. Try to suck your stomach inside because muscles have memory and doing this regularly will help you keep a good form. The stronger your abdominal gets, the more fat you will shed, the better you will look.

EXERCISE MORE: Exercising more is one of the solutions to reduce pot belly. Sign up at a gym near you if you haven’t, make sure you exercise every day since it is a quick way to burn the extra calories. You can also try doing crunches, they are one of the solutions to reduce pot belly because they get you strong abdominal muscles and burn stomach fat quickly. There are exercises specifically designed for your abdominals. Pilates is one of them, it is a full-body workout that focuses on your core throughout.

MANAGE PORTION CONTROL: It is best to eat small portions of healthy food three times a day to burn more fat or you can snack on a bowl of fruit or vegetables if you feel hungry. But do this in moderation as well. Eat with smaller plates as it can help you control the portions of food you put on your plate.

REDUCE CONSUMPTION OF SUGARY AND STARCHY FOODS: Reducing the number of sugary or starchy foods you consume since they increase abdominal fat. When you eat too much sugary or starchy food, it increases your blood glucose level. It doesn’t only affect your health but all the extra sugar is stored in your fat cells. This can lead to weight gain, it is advisable to watch the amount of sugary and starchy food you consume, this includes junk food.

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