Switch Gele Are The Perfect Gele Styles For Your Owambe Party

We figured that finding the perfect aso ebi style for that owambe is not complete without knowing the beautiful gele styles that can go with it.
Gele styles and ideas for weddings and parties are evolving. We now have easy styled geles, turbans and the very interesting autogele.  Switch gele styles are making waves at owambe parties now and we can’t help but bring them to your notice.

What makes the switch gele so different is that unlike every other gele style that is precise, this look allows each individual to put their own spin on it. You can keep it simple or go the elaborate route – the choice is totally yours as you can clearly see from these look. For that next owambe, why stress yourself when you can pick from here? These are our favourites switch gele styles to inspire you.





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