#Teamnatural: 7 Secrets To A Super Soft Hair

Not all hair are naturally soft but there are some routine which when done over a long period will eventually make your natural hair softer, the issue of stubborn hair has actually discouraged so many aspiring naturalistas as well those who are already natural. Some end up going back to relaxers because they couldn’t achieve the fluffy soft hair they crave.

Here are some things you can do to achieve softer natural hair.

cheap dapoxetine, viagra super active plus. cheap lioresal. Dispel the myth that your hair is stubborn and can never be soft: No matter how stubborn your natural hair is, it can be tendered over time with adequate deep conditioning and moisture. Don’t believe otherwise, this single mindset will be one to liberate you and help you achieve your goal of managing your natural hair with little or no stress.

Do not skip shampoo: No build up on the hair surface means you get a very smooth strand to the touch. Hair conditioner is the first thing many think about when it comes to soft hair but applying hair conditioner to hair with a layer of oil and styling products really reduces its ability to work as intended. Find a mild shampoo that you like and always use it during your main wash, if you choose to co-wash between main washes, this is fine, but using a shampoo during your main wash will help fight build up and create a nice clean layer for your conditioner to work on.

viagra cialis online pharmacy. Don’t joke with deep conditioning: They say deep conditioning solves almost every natural hair problems, deep conditioning will definitely make your natural hair softer and more manageable. If you had been playing with this before, it is time to stop because deep conditioning is known to work on hair textures like magic.

Try the tea rinse after washing your hair: Tea Rinse is washing your hair with tea bag extracts, the caffeine penetrates the hair follicles to take their effect. Doing the tea rinse also adds shine to the hair and it strengthens the hair thereby reducing breakage Benefits of black tea on your hair -Reduces shedding. ai??i?? Adds shine and softens hair. -Darkens hair or brings out natural highlights.

Moisture is your best friend: In your natural hair journey, you will never hear enough of this. Don’t joke with moisture, use daily spritz once or twice every day. A mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin will do. Glycerin attracts moisture from the environment to your hair. This guarantees to an extent that you hair is always moisturized, know that it doesn’t matter if you have extensions on. Still do the daily spritz. Lift your weaves or braid and moisturize your hairline.

Seal in your moisture: This is not as technical as it might sound. After adding moisture to your hair, you might have to make sure the harsh weather doesnai??i??t evaporate it by sealing it in your hair with butter based cream or a good moisturizing cream.

Go easy with the leave in products and stretch your hair out to dry:Using a minimal amount of leave in products allows hair strands to be able to move past each other and not be sticky. The lighter hair feels, the softer it feels and also hair that is very kinky with small curls will feel softer when stretched compared to when allowed to fully shrink. Leave in products are useful for maintaining moisture but using a large amount can reduce the softness of hair.


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