The Lagos Stylist Pick: Add An Edge To Your Outfit With Corset Belt

We all know that fashion is very dynamic; it changes with the season and make a come-back when we least expect. The lines between what is acceptable and what is not are fast fading and anyone can get away with any fashion trend these days .

The corset trend is currently taking the fashion world by storm, styling an inner wear as outer wear is not new as we have seen with the intimates trend, pyjamas trend and the silk dress trend now the corset trend, which has been around since the early 1800 it can be quite risky, if not worn or styled properly the corset trend can make you look questionable.

The corset belt isn’t it hard to spot. It is a big tummy belt with straps. It is meant to grip your waist and make it smaller and then make the booty appear a bit larger. A corset defines your femininity by creating an hourglass figure, it can be worn over a shirt or dress to make an outfit look interesting and it can be either be a full on corset or a waist band with laces that is worn as a belt. One good job it does is to make your belly appear smaller and sort of train your waist but you must apply caution so you don’t it tighten your waist that you hurt yourself.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Yes or No? Will you be rocking this trend? Let us stay in touch guys.

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