The Lagos Stylist Pick: Block Heels Pump For All The Comfort You Need

Block heels are said to be the most comfortable high heels shoes and they are only second to wedges, they make one so comfortable, comes in variety of designs and they are perfect for business casual outfits.

With the incessant rise of block heeled shoes, it’s like the classic stilettos never happened and if you are a fashion and shoe lover you will surely want to include them in your rack. We know we all want the sky high effect when wearing heels and of course, block heels also offer this same effect depending on the inches A block heel will give you extra height and a slightly more put-together feel, but it is still comfortable for all-day wear.

The block heel pumps are so practical and quite comfortable to walk in. They can be worn to practically anywhere from work to dinners. Block heels are good for ladiesAi??that love heels but shy away either to avoid foot injury or sprained injuries such as the ankles. Moderate high block heels give more stability during wear just as they are a ladies best friend for every season and occasion when chosen rightly. For more advise, please contact @thelagosstylist.

Below are some block heels pump.

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