The Lagos Stylist Pick: The Bucket Bag Is Back

The bucket bag is a sort of structured bag which most fashionable designers have left behind but these babies are back on the trends and are even more appealing than they were before. If you ever get the chance to ignore your totes or clutches and looking for switch in time, the bucket bags might be your next stop because they are uber cool and effortlessly stylish.

Bucket bags have outgrown its trend status and have become a wardrobe essential alongside cross bodies and other classic bags It can work for a day-to-night option that will fit much more than your phone and a lipstick unlike some teeny clutches.

From exuberant floral patterned bucket bags to simple and chic minimal structured bucket bags, these bags would give you many reasons to own them.

What do you think of this trend?will you join the bucket bag trend?let us know your view in the comment box and remember to follow and tag us on Instagram @thelagosstylist

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