The Lagos Stylist Pick: The Sleeveless Jackets, Rave Of The Moment

gloclav 1g. As we all know trend come and go, the Longline vest or blazer or overcoat or sleeveless jackets are the new cool. They are an old style that has began to gather a lot of attentions lately, the Long line vest is one of those retro pieces that always seem to crawl back into any current fashion timeline.

They can be casual or semi formal and just like a kimono, sleeveless jackets are a stylish addition to your wardrobe and they can be belted, or draped; styled with shorts, dresses or whatever you wish as they are very easy to style.

They come in different cuts- long, short and midi, they are a great streetstyle staple, and even after they are gone, you can whip them out and restyle. They are a perfect distraction for when you want to hide a belly, they give warmth, you can play with different fabrics and they are a good transition piece as they create a long lean line.

You can create various different looks with the longline vest from edgy, to minimalist to bohemian and it all depends on the design of your vest itself. Now, like any trend the longline vest might be difficult for some people to pull off so if you are perhaps one of this people The Lagos Stylist is here to help out on how you can wear the longline vest;

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