Tips On Maintaining Your Braided Wigs

acheter acyclovir 800 mg. These days, wigs are a womana’s best friend and she always needs it handy no matter the situation or occasion. It is easier to have so many wigs available than going to the salon every weekend for a new hairdo. Maintaining wigs however might not be an easy task since most times, we ladies are always on the move and the time might not be available. Wigs that come in weaves are easier to maintain than the braided wigs.

The reason for the difficulty is that the wigs can easily be destroyed if not handled properly since they are braided and they tend to unravel at the slightest pressure applied. This trending wig is made out of human or synthetic hair and getting familiar with this fact, determines what method and how well to care for it. Not only does special attention need to be placed towards keeping the braids from unraveling, but the way you wash your braided wig depends on whether it is made out of human or synthetic hair. Both types of wig require shampoo and conditioner specially made for wigs. Checkout easy tips to maintaining your braided wigs.

generic doxycycline, generic zithromax tinidazole cheap without a prescription. . Wash Your Wig: All braided wigs should be washed by hand and not by a washing machine so that the braids doesn:t unravel. Using very high temperature is also not advisable since it might destroy the wig because it is synthetic.

Dry Your Wig: The best way to dry your wig is letting it dry naturally (air dry). It is acceptable to blow-dry a wig but this only applies to wigs made out of human hair.

Conditioner/Cream: Depending on the kind of braids, having your conditioner and cream in place is very important. For synthetic braided wigs, spray-on your conditioner and for human hair, get a cream version.


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