Top 4 Signs And Symptoms Of Br3east Cancer In Men

We all know br3ast cancer is rarely associated with men, it has generally being attributed to women primarily because women are the ones known to br3astfeed and have more br3ast tissue, but that does not take away the chances of br3ast cancer condition developing in men.

Which is why we will be taking a look at some of the symptoms of br3ast cancer in men. Even though it may not be entirely necessary for men to go for regular br3ast check ups like women do but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it either, just to be on the safe side and if para-venture you notice anything unusual about your br3asts, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

N!PPLE DISCHARGE: “Initially, discharge from the nipple can be ignorantly called a spill on the shirt from an external source, but when it’s frequent, and on one area of the br3ast, there may be an actual reason for concern because n!pple discharge may be caused by a buildup of fluid inside the tumour”.

LUMPS: what is nitroglycerin used for. “Most men usually think that a lump in the br3ast may be a result of some accident they didn’t take note of, but it may be more than that and can actually be a symptom of br3ast cancer; these lumps may be painless and tender, and if already there for long, can be accompanied by swelling around the armpit or collarbone”.

levitra brand usa. OPEN SORE: “When you ignore a cancer for too long, it can morph into an open sore and this is mostly true for men because of the small size of their br3asts; the sore typically looks like a picked pimple”.

INVERTED N!PPLE: “As the cancerous tumour grows, it pulls on ligaments inside the br3asts, causing the nipple to be dented or inverted and this is also sometimes, accompanied by dry and scaly skin around the nipple”.

Always remember HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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