Top 5 Colours Of Lipstick Every Trendy Lady Should Have

Lipsticks have become a very powerful fashion pieces for women because they can either make or mar your makeup and total appearance. It doesn’t matter how simple your outfit is, if matched with the perfect lipstick colour, it can lift it into something more sophisticated.

Lipsticks come in different colours, shapes and sizes, and sometimes are a reflection of the person using them. Every classy and fashion savvy woman knows that the lipstick is a very important tool, and will always want to  pick the right colour everytime.

As diverse as the colours of lipsticks are, some are considered common and basic which every woman should have it in her makeup purse. They are used often, and complement your look more than others and listed below are 5 of them.

maxifort zimax sildenafil 50 mg. THE NUDE LIPSTICK:  cena cialis c20 w aptece. The nude lipstick usually includes colours that are mild and pale, it can be worn anywhere contrary to popular belief that it is too mild. Wearing a heavy eye shadow and lipstick can be a disaster, so when people get a bold coloured eye shadow; they tone down the lips with a nude colour.

THE RED LIPSTICK: This colour  of lipstick is a favourite for most women, it is a colour for the bold, trendy and daring lady that wants to make her presence felt. Red coloured lipsticks bring any outfit to life, and contrary to what people think that one cannot wear it to work, it can be worn anywhere, as long as it is done in moderation.

THE PINK LIPSTICK: This is another beautiful one, but it’s important to understand that there are different shades and you have to pick the one that best suits your complexion. Pink is girlie, lovely and pretty. It can be worn anywhere as well, depending on the look you are going for.

THE BROWN LIPSTICK: There are different shades of brown, but we are focusing on the light brown colour. It is a natural, beautiful, and not ‘overly in your’ face kind of colour, and can be worn with any outfit or to any event. It can also fit any skin colour, and can be worn lightly or heavily.

THE PURPLE LIPSTICK: This colour seems not to be as popular or often used as the rest, but it’s still a classic lip colour because of its bold, unique and beautiful outcome, no matter the shade you pick. It  stands out.


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