Top 5 Products You Need To Keep Your Skin On Top Notch

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Keeping one’s skin moisturised is the number one rule of skincare and yes, this includes people with an oily skin type too. Well-moisturised skin looks radiant and takes a few years from your face. Plus, makeup stays longer and looks better if you keep your skin hydrated and happy by moisturising it on the daily.

We are sure you take your moisturising routine seriously and have a dedicated day cream and night cream sitting in your beauty cabinet right, however, for an extra boost of hydration, you do need to stock up on a few other moisturising heroes too. Here are five moisturising products you need to make space for in your skincare arsenal.

Moisturising cleanser: Cleansing is the first step of your skincare routine and your skin often loses its natural moisture in the process. Instead, use a moisturising face that would help retains moisture and doesn’t leave your skin feeling parched.

Nourishing eye cream: Did you know the skin under your eyes is sensitive and thinner than the rest of your face? Use an eye cream on your tired and puffy eyes every day to keep them peepers moisturised. Eye cream keep dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines around eyes at bay.

Aloe vera gel: If you don’t know what the mighty aloe vera gel can do to your skin, start using one and you’ll know. It is packed with moisturising properties and is excellent for sensitive and dry skin.

Body cream: Neglecting your neck, hands and legs is the worst thing you’re doing to your skin. They need some TLC too and equal attention as your face. Slather moisturizing body cream on your body to get smooth and glowing skin from head to toe.

A sheet mask: One don’t really need a reason to stock up on sheet masks, apart from the fact they are relaxing and fun, they are also extremely moisturising and stave off impurities and dirt off the face. Pamper your skin with sheet mask once a week for hydrated and happy skin.

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