Top 6 Habits Of Stylish People

Style is not something you can buy. Yes, anyone with a money can stroll into a fashion store and emerge looking like Fashion with a capital F—but that is not necessarily what truly stylish people do. Very few people—money or not—can be considered humans of genuine style.

Because style takes something else, something less tangible than the right label at the right time. While piling on “It” items might give you a boost of instant sartorial gratification, in six months those pieces will be obsolete, you’ll be out a month’s rent, and you’ll feel compelled to keep up with the cycle of buying the next round of coveted pieces. It’s exhausting. Still, so many women seem to be falling victim to that exact cycle.

Search on all social media can only result in scores of young women looking, well, exactly like everyone else and going broke in the process.

Then, however, there are those images you’ll see on blogs or street style sites of women who look so amazingly chic, cool, or interesting who aren’t covered in head-to-toe labels, but rather know how to take nondescript pieces and style them in such a way that their whole look is completely enviable and covetable.

These are the truly stylish women from whom we should aim to take our fashion inspiration. To that end, we’ve compiled the 7 habits of highly stylish people to get you started.

They Don’t Surf Street Style Blogs and Copy Exactly What They See: In this day and age, street style photos are a bona fide source of fashion inspiration. In fact, we spend a pretty hefty portion of our day stalking social media and culling various galleries to offer our readers and ourselves great ideas when it comes to seasonal outfits. But don’t forget that several big street-fashion players, editors, and bloggers get sent designer stuff for free to entice folks like us to go out and buy it. Others are, well, richer than us and it’s their day job to flit around the world in the latest designer clothes, which is fun to admire but not necessarily healthy to emulate. That’s why truly stylish girls will see a look they’re drawn to and seek out lesser-priced pieces that have the same vibe. Plenty of affordable stores and sites offer items that feature similar aspects to designer pieces.

They Aren’t Afraid of Any Store And Can Find Something Almost Anywhere: Legitimately stylish women will troll any and we mean any store with zero snob factor, yet they manage to stay true to their aesthetic.

They Know How to Style Themselves According to Their Own Taste

They Aren’t Slaves to Fashion: best canadian pharmacy to buy celebrex.  The most stylish people are able to have fun with fashion and follow trends without looking like a slave.

They Always Look a Little Less “Done” Than Everyone Else: Highly stylish people are often in the habit of always appearing a teeny tiny bit too cool for every scenario they’re in. This might mean wearing a pair of slip-on sneakers when every other girl is teetering on sky-high heels, wearing a chic skinny pantsuit when every other woman is rocking glittery party dresses. Small things that always make them look a little less “done.”

They Understand Labels Don’t Make Them Cooler: It sounds cliché, but the most stylish women—and men, for that matter—in the world are ones who have confidence, and who know they don’t need expensive designers to make themselves appear cool. They can step out in anything and still look like the coolest person in the room all because they have confidence.

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