Top Fashion Faux Pas Most Men Make

order cipro online supreme suppliers. Image result for nigerian articles on common fashion faux pas guys commitMost guys act like they don’t care about fashion, well they actually don’t care and they ironically cause some mishaps in their little attempts to dress decently. But gone were those days when ladies overlook men’s dressing, these days every lady also want a man that can impress with his dressing along side other things, not a man that looks like he is just coming from the moon.

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with an innate sense of style, on the whole, most men don’t have much of an eye if the pattern of their shirt clashes with their pants, which colors complement each other, or what is currently “in-style”. Below are some common fashion faux pas guys find themselves committing:

Socks and sandals: Whoever made it okay to wear socks with sandals or palm slippers got it all wrong. Yeah, we get it! It can be awfully comfortable but, sadly, it’s a fashion mayhem.

Over accessorizing: Wearing so many accessories from rings to neckpieces, hats, suspenders, etc. is a no-no! Keep it simple and elegant.

So many pattern: Patterns create depth to your outfit. But when several patterns are on a piece of clothing, the individual starts looking like a jigsaw puzzle of some sort.

Tucking trousers inside shoes: Except you are a corper or a soldier, you really have no business tucking your trousers in your shoes.

Business suits with trainers: After looking dapper with all your suit packaging, don’t ruin it by wearing some sneakers.

Fake designer clothes: You don’t want to be the guy known for wearing fake designer clothes and shoes.

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