Top Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making

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What we wear says a lot about us and one little fashion mistake can make a mess of your effort put together. It is therefore very important to put in our best when it comes to what to or what not to wear. So, ladies, here are few fashion mistakes we should totally avoid:

Showing too much skin: Have you heard that too much of everything is bad? Yes… it applies to showing too much skin too. We know you want to look sexy but putting it all out there doesn’t make you look sexy, it’s what we would like to call a fashion mistake. Remember that showing too much gets you lots of negative attention which can lead to abuse. Instead of showing too much, why not leave it all to the imagination?

Being stuck in the past: Being stuck in the past is another fashion mistake ladies usually in their thirties, forties and fifties are really guilty of. This is so because they have decided to stay stuck in the past, ignoring the fact that lifestyle and fashion have moved on. You have to avoid this by consciously being aware of the new fashion trend and styles.

Improper fit: Wearing clothes that do not fit is another huge no. Wearing too tight or too large clothes can make you look really bad. If it’s too small, then it wasn’t meant for you, and if it’s too large, it wasn’t meant for you either, but at least, it can be adjusted. But in other too look really good, buy clothes that fit you perfectly, without need for adjustments.

Bling overload: Adorning your outfit with nice pieces of jewelry is really admirable, but over doing it is a fashion mistake that you might want to avoid. Wear simple and matching jewelry and keep it on the minimum.

Touching up a day old makeup: We have heard of people who think makeup looks best when carried from the previous day. Like seriously?! This does not only look messy, it also messes with your skin. This idea is so not cool and not at all healthy. Always wipe off your makeup before going to bed and wear a new one every morning, it gives you a fresh and clean look.

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