Top Habits That Won’t Allow Your Skin Glow

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Everyday you go through certain routines just to look your best and improve your skin. It’s annoying to know that while you spend time going through these routines, there are some habits you have that are not just good for your skin. For the sake of your skin and the beauty routine you go through, you need to stop them now. Today, we bring you 5 habits that won’t help your skin.

PICKING PIMPLES: Some peeps can’t just get their hands off their face and it’s crazy. An aggressive campaign on a pimple that ain’t ready to be extracted can leave you with dark spots and can also lead to rupture below the skin surface. Let the pimples be.

SLEEPING WITH YOUR MAKEUP: Do you do this regularly if the answer is yes then you need to stop it now. There is no reason to sleep with your makeup on, please don’t say you were tired because that reason is not good enough.

YOU SLEEP ON YOUR FACE: It’s time for you to go to bed and you decide to do that with your face pressed against the bed. When you sleep that way, it causes unwanted fine lines and wrinkles so I think if you needed a reason to stop then you just got it.

YOUR NECK IS A FORGOTTEN REGION: Most people treat their necks like it’s not part of their body, that should be stopped now. Your neck is as delicate as your face and should be properly taken care of. So the next time you use your anti-aging product on your face, don’t forget to go down to your skin.

LICKING YOUR LIPS: dry lips are uncomfortable but licking them makes things worse as you end up with a dry and cracked skin.

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