Top Items You Should Purge From Your Closet NOW

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Is your closet overflowing? do you have a closet full of clothes yet you don’t get any outfit to wear when going out? Then, it’s time to declutter your closet. We’ve all been there: You open up your closet to pick out something to wear for the day, and immediately feel like it’s overflowing with clothes that don’t fit, don’t suit you, or that you just don’t want anymore. Top on the list should be clothes that should never see the light of day, because they are either too old, age inappropriate or for one reason or another you have never come around to tossing them out.

To help you clear out your closet is a list of the top ten things that should be tossed out, even burnt if possible, since even donating them would be an insult to the recipient.

Faded clothes: It is so easy to keep old faded sweaters, tank tops, t-shirts and cardigans around especially when they do not have any tears. It is about time you tossed those away. Clothes fading out as a result of too many washes is not a problem in itself as chances are they will fade out evenly.

Promotional Tees: Promotional T-shirts as the word suggests are meant for just that, promotional events and if you must wear them, it has to be in the confines of your house while sleeping or cleaning but please kindly discard them.

Make-up: Make-up should not be kept beyond certain lengths of time. For instance, lipsticks and glosses expire within three months as they are easily contaminated. Powder and concealer have a longer life of up to six months once opened while nail polish can survive up to a year. The danger of staying with make-up beyond the recommended periods is that they harbor bacteria and sometimes fungi and may lead to ringworm infection once applied.

Worn out inner wear: If you still have in your closet the bra you bought at the beginning of this year, be ruthless enough to throw it out. Far away. Do not donate. Bras are supposed to be replaced every five to six months and panties every two to three months, whether they show signs of wear-and-tear or not. Do not wait for the underwire of your bra to start showing or your panty to lose its elasticity before you replace it.

Beat-up shoes: Once they have holes, get stretched out or get scuffed and ugly, get yourself a new pair. Please do not try to repair them. All the cobbler’s sewing and gluing will only go to make them uglier. Then there are those shoes you have grown attached to because of how much you paid for them, how long you have had them or what brand they are. If they are worn out, it is time to part ways otherwise, they can just ruin a nice outfit.

Ill-fitting shoes: Do not lie to yourself that the super-tight shoe that pinches you in all the wrong places will expand with time. If it hurts your feet after a couple of hours, the pain will show on your face, and do you really need to hang on to something that hurts you?Don’t let them gather dust in your closet.

Faded denims: There is no point in having several pairs of faded denims. Bag those up and replace them with one or two dark pairs of really nice dark pieces. Wearing faded jeans, and more so the damaged or rugged alternatives, is a sign of wanting to hold onto something beyond its life expectancy.

When was the last time you wore it?: If you wore it less than a year ago, it is in great shape and you are still using it, keep it, otherwise, it is just clogging up your closet for no good reason. A good example is that bridesmaid dress that you try convincing yourself you will wear someday.

Outdated staples: Style is cyclical, so sometimes an old piece that you’ve had forever and was once a staple can fall out of fashion, then come back around. But those cycles tend to take decades, not years, and few of us have the luxury of entire dressing rooms or storage spaces that can hold all of our old items in the hopes that they’ll make a comeback.

Clothes that are torn or ripped unintentionally: Some clothes come pre-ripped for style reasons but that doesn’t mean any rips or tears are automatically stylish. Sure, if a hole or rip is small enough or on a seam, a tailor may be able to fix it without much of a noticeable difference.

Socks that have seen better days: Socks can usually last a little longer than underwear, but not by much. Don’t wait for holes to emerge. If the color of your socks starts to fade—or they start losing their elasticity and don’t stay up like they used to—it’s time for them to go.

Accessories that don’t match anything else in your wardrobe: If you find that you’re constantly looking for opportunities to wear that one belt that you bought on a whim, or to carry that one bag that you love but can never seem to work into your outfit, then it’s time to loose them.

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