Top Reasons Why Men Should Get A Pedicure

Every Man Should Get a Pedicure

Every single one of us should be getting a pedicure on a regular basis because pedicures are designed to give the basic care for your toes. It is done to keep your toes healthy and clean but most men feel conflicted about getting pedicures since beauty treatment has always been associated with women or homosexuals. Things have changed, getting pedicures or manicures is not always about beauty but about hygiene, caring for your hands and feet.

Every man should get a pedicure on a regular basis because of a lot of diseases – athlete’s foot, fungal infection, skin cancers, etc, manifest themselves in the feet and some can be life-threatening.

Pedicures are very relaxing and help maintain foot hygiene. Below are some reasons why every man should get a pedicure.

IMPROVES YOUR FOOT HEALTH: Feet are breeding homes for bacteria, pedicures help get rid of dirt stuck under your foot and toenails. It also removes dead skins that can cause problems to your health. Pedicures also serve as anti-bacterial protection.

PREVENTS INGROWN TOENAILS: Some men don’t cut their nails and keep it very long and dirty such that bacterias to live there. This is one of the bad grooming mistakes men make, and a big turnoff for women. While you can cut your nails yourself, it is, however, advisable to meet a professional pedicurist for a wholesome treatment. This is because you may cut your nails too short or leave tiny pieces at the edges which can lead to ingrown toenails. A professional will take better care of your nails and also cut to the correct length. Plus you will get a calf and foot massage to improve blood flow in your feet.

RELIEVES STRESS: Getting a pedicure or a manicure is a great way to relax your muscles and relieve stress. They are very therapeutic and gives you the feeling of being pampered. See it as a way to sit back, relax, and be happy without the stress of carrying the whole world on your shoulders. Make sure you stop by at the spa before the week runs out. It’s going to be a relaxing experience you’ve had this week.

REMOVES FOOT ODOR: Imagine removing your shoes in the office so your legs can breathe and receive fresh air, then the whole place starts to smell like dead fish. Your feet need extra care and protection, especially in the rainy season. You need exfoliation to remove the bacterial infection, which you can’t get rid of in normal washes and this can only be achieved through a pedicure. Getting a pedicure once every blue moon would not chase away the bad odor from your feet, make it a monthly routine.

MAINTAIN SOFT, SMOOTH AND CLEAN SKIN: Getting regular pedicures will maintain your skin and make it very smooth and fresh. Moisturizing your feet and hands regularly reduces the chances of getting blister, peel or crack. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin, smoothen the skin, and soften rough spots such as heels and nail beds.

MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD: Let’s face it, women are attracted to men who take pride in how they look. No need to go over-the-top, but trimmed, clean and buffed nails is way to go and a great attribute to any guy. If you’ve ever got a pedicure done, you’ll understand what we actually mean, and a good way to change this condition is to actually go and get it done. You shave, shower and cut your hair. So, why not take out the time for your feet as well?

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: Perhaps the best part of a pedicure from a nail salon is the foot massage. It counters the tension that builds up in your feet and calves. The massage also helps your feet by improving the blood circulation along with reducing pain and spreading the heat throughout the body evenly. This not only helps your feet but also improves the overall health of your body.

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