Top Shoe Rules Every Stylish Man Should Know About


You only get one chance to make a first impression and the shoes make the man.

Too many times men focus on their suits, their shirts and their trousers, thinking they are the most important parts of their attire. While they are indeed essential, the shoes really do make the man. You should focus just as much on them as you do any other pieces of clothing you wear.

Unfortunately, many men don’t and make quite a few mistakes that hurt their chances of making a good first impression. That’s why style rules were invented.

Wearing of shoes is an important part of a man’s outfit and that is why it is important for every man to know shoe rules because a pair of shoes can make or mar your outfit.

Below are 5 shoe rules every fashionable guy should know.

Never wear white socks: clomid prevent miscarriage. The only person allowed to wear white soaks was Michael Jackson so don’t ever wear white soaks if you are not Michael; white soaks cannot be worn with formal shoes or casual shoes, you are permitted to wear white soaks only with running shoes.

Match the colour of your belt with your shoe:If you are wearing brown shoes, you need to match them with brown belts; matching the colour of your belt with your shoes enhances your outfit.

You need more than two pairs of shoe: Every man should have more than just two pairs of shoes because it’s important you have options just as you have options when it comes to clothing.

Never wear formal shoes without socks: You disrespect your formal shoes when you wear them without soaks, always ensure you wear your dress shoes with soaks.

Casual shoes are for casual wears while dress shoes are for formal wears.


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