Top Signs You Are Dangerously Tired

natural viagra alternatives. Tiredness is your body talking to you. When you feel fatigued, it’s your body’s way of reminding you that it is exhausted and you need to chill for a bit so as to recover strength and keep going.

The thing about most people though is that we often stubbornly ignore our body when it passes these signals to us, forgetting that working continuously in a tired state is not ideal for us because sooner or later, it breaks us down which is very dangerous.

If you experience any of the following signs, it means you are terribly tired, in need of sleep and really need to take things slow. Remember Health is Wealth.

buy presidone from canada. YOU FEEL RESTLESS AND IRRITABLE: When you become restless and everything around annoys you for no good reason, then this is a sign of tiredness, and it is your body telling you to get some rest.

RECURRING HEADACHES:  A recurring headache around the forehead and the back of the head is a strong indicator you’re tired. Headaches can also come when you are mentally stressed out and either ways, it’s your body talking and you need to listen to it.

YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES KEEPING YOUR HEAD UP DURING TASKS: If you find it hard to keep your heap up while performing a task, and instead, you keep nodding your head to the silent (yet loud) sound of sleep, you need to yield and get some rest.

YOU YAWN REPEATEDLY OR RUB YOUR EYES: It’s not every time you yawn that you’re hungry. Sometimes, you’re just tired. When you notice you are yawning often or you just keep rubbing your eyes, unless you have an eye trouble, they’re probably signs of tiredness or sleepiness. When this is observed, it is important that you stop and get some rest.

UNCONTROLLABLY FREQUENT BLINKING OR HEAVY EYELIDS: Some people naturally blink fast. However, there’s a difference between that and when you are just sleepy. Sometimes, when you blink fast, it’s because you are struggling to stay awake and when you experience these intermittent blinking or your eyelids suddenly become too heavy to stay open, they are unmistakable signs of tiredness and sleepiness.

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