Top Things Every Lady Should Know About Clutch Purse

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A clutch purse is a highly fashionable purse for women; easy to use, comes in handy, simple and can still be classy; it’s the perfect evening bag, and it is important to note that the clutch bag is highly fashionable.

However, as easy as it is to say that the clutch bag is fashionable, it can also ruin your day if not careful and it can as well make you uncomfortable and even ruin your fashion if not used rightly.

The clutch might be easy but it still has its technicalities.

Below are 6 important tips every lady should know about the clutch purse

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BODY TYPE: This tip is very important when choosing a clutch purse, they come in different sizes and shapes for different body type. Ladies that are quite petite should consider a smaller clutch purse or a medium sized clutch at best while the bigger and taller ladies can go for the quite bigger clutch. This tip should be taken serious else you might just look awkward if you go for anything.

A CLUTCH WITH STRAPS IS QUITE NECESSARY: In as much as the clutch is the kind of purse that comes without a strap, it is added advantage to go for clutch with a strap; when in a location or event where you can’t just keep your purse down then the strap clutch is your perfect purse for such events.

NEVER LEAVE IT BULKY: The clutch purse is designed not to contain too many things, so it is important to choose the right size for your things and never over-stuff it. Over-stuffing the clutch can damage the seams and it is also highly unfashionable to leave the clutch purse bulging out. So the best idea to this is picking just a few important items that would come in handy on that evening or go for a medium sized clutch rather than the smaller ones so as to contain more things, though this might lead to over-stuffing anyways.

TRADITIONAL CLUTCH OR STRAP CLUTCH: Sometimes ladies get confused on when to use the traditional clutch with no strap or the strap clutch. For a simple function such as a cocktail party or an evening dinner, the clutch without strap is best suited for this. However, if your night out would require dancing and too many movements, the strap clutch would be your perfect partner.

GO FOR A QUALITY MATERIAL: There are so many attractive clutch purses out there that won’t last you more than a month, so when choosing a clutch it is advisable not to go for just its attractive looks but its quality as well. A quality clutch purse would last you for a longer period with no hitches.

BLEND YOUR CLUTCH WITH YOUR OUTFIT: While it isn’t always necessary to wear the same colour of clutch and outfit, it is somewhat necessary to at least blend the colours in order to give you that spicy look. For example, if you are wearing a simple black cocktail dress, you can punch it up with a red clutch and you would look amazing; blending your clutch with your outfit with relative colours would do a world of good to your fashion.

Also it is important to note that choosing a versatile clutch purse is highly important; with this you get best value for money as you can match up different wears with same clutch purse.

A clutch with pockets can also come in handy as simple items like your lip stick can slot in well in there making it easier to access and freeing up space in your clutch purse.

With these tips, you surely would look great with your clutch.

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