Top Tips For Applying Perfect & Long-Lasting Mascara

Mascara is one thing that every girl needs to have in her makeup bag. It can make you go from drab and dull to dashing in an instant. Nothing beats eye makeup done well. And eye makeup is never complete without a swipe of the mascara. Mascara beautifies the eyelashes and grooms them to give a perfect finishing touch to your makeup.

Below are the right way to wear your mascara and get the look of a diva!

Look down while applying mascara: Use this trick to avoid getting your mascara on the upper eyelid, looking downwards while applying mascara will also help in moving the wand all along the length of your lashes.

Be gentle during application: Don’t rush the process as it will only end up spoiling your entire makeup and redoing the whole thing all over again is certainly not something that you would want.

purchase neurontin zetia online india no prescription. , purchase dapoxetine. Avoid clumps: To prevent clumping of the mascara, move your wand in quick horizontal moves while the application, such that the strokes separate your lashes from each other.

Open up your eyes: For a wide-eyed look, don’t just apply to the outer edge of your lashes. Start applying from the very root and move your wand straight up till the tip of your lashes.

Dust some powder on your eyelashes: india pharmach buy ventolin on line. To make your mascara remain in place for a long time, and also give the else eyelash effect, apply some translucent powder on your lashes after applying the first coat. Now put on the second coat and see the magic for yourself. Your lashes will look amazingly intense, long and voluminous, just like false lashes!

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