Top Tips To make Your Braids Last Longer

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Do you braid your hair? If yes, then you probably do it because you know it lasts a lot longer than regular artificial hair, but it is important to note that one of the secrets to having your braids last long(er) is proper management.

If you are looking to know more ways to manage your hair better, and have it last longer, then we have the right tips for you. The secret to a better, long lasting hair is good care and hygiene.

DO NOT BRAID YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU JUST APPLIED RELAXER: Hair Relaxers are made to make the hair softer and weaker. That is why your hair feels so curly and soft after you use them. However, if you want to have great looking and long lasting braids, then you shouldn’t get your hair braided after you use a relaxer. Give it a couple of days, so your hair is stronger again. Going against this advice will cause you hair breakage.

WASH THEM FROM TIME TO TIME: Unless you want your hair looking too old and smelly, then it’s important to get it washed from time to time. There are chemicals that make this easy, contact your hair stylist if you’re not sure how to go about it.

NEVER LEAVE IT WET: Every woman should own a hair drier. It’s a handy tool for drying your hair. It’s easy to use, so you don’t have to visit your stylist often. For no reason should you get your hair wet and allow it dry on its own. It’ll make your braids get older quicker, and give it a foul smell.

USE HAIR OIL: Hair oil will keep your hair moisturised and keep dryness away. However, be careful not to overuse it, so you don’t leave your hair looking messy.

DON’T SCRATCH: Itchiness can make you scratch your hair, but be careful not to over scratch, so you don’t damage the root of your braids. A simple pat can do the trick.

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